We provide an outcall erotic massage with happy ending to the hotel or home in central Tokyo until 1AM.You can get coupons here!!

Outcall Erotic Massage Tokyo with happy ending.【ORIENTAL】



Welcome to Tokyo.Welcome to ORIENTAL. 


Make tonight unforgettable forever with our lovely therapists!With its erotic massage skill.

We provide an outcall erotic massage with happy ending to your hotel.Please enjoy our various erotic services for your wonderful memory in Tokyo.


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1) Outcall erotic massage with happy ending?.

We provide an outcall erotic massage with happy ending to the hotel or home in central Tokyo until 1am midnight.

Erotic massage takes many forms from massage techniques that aim to integrate the sexual,spiritual and phisycal,to massage whose purpose is the achievement of an orgasm.

You can get a ejaculation with our erotic massage services.

Our erotic massage includes ❶testis , testicle massage , ❷prostate , prostatic massage ,❸ lymph glands sensual massage around groin , hand job,❹happy ending massage and ❺4hands massage by two therapists.

And we can provide also a high quality oil massage,reflexology,thai traditional massage.

And our policy is gaikokujin friendly.


2) Our main outcall working areas

Our main outcall working area is central of Tokyo. A transpotation charge is free in this area.

Main working area is the district which is enclosed by 「JR YAMANOTE line」.Please see「JR YAMANOTE line」in detail.

A transportation charge of 2,000 - 5,000yen is applied for outside JR YAMANOTE line. in Tokyo.


We can also send to outside central Tokyo areas.For example,in Chiba pref.Kanagawa oref. .... .

A transportation chage of 5,000 - 8,000yen is applied for this areas.If this is the case, please contact us until 9pm.



3) Reservation will be given priority.

We can send our therapist to your Hotel or home of central of Tokyo in 30 - 45mins.
Please understand it takes sometimes more without reservation, so reservation are recommended because customers with reservations will be given priority. 

We accept reservation until 1am only by call in central Tokyo area.
Reservation for outside of central Tokyo is available until 9pm.
If you would like to have a massage after 1am, please make a reservation until 1am in central Tokyo area.
Please make an appointment by only call after 4pm during business hours.
We may not be available during busy period and for other reasons outside Tokyo.

4) Therapists

Our therapists are all asian ladies.They are good looking and well trained in erotic massage skill. They will make you feel totally relaxed, and take you out of the stresses of daily life.

Please enjoy your time with our beautiful therapists during your stay in Tokyo.


5) Cancellation

Notice of one hour is required if you wish to cancel. If less notice is given, the full fee will be applied.
A charge of 5,000yen will be required to change the therapist who arrived, and transpotation-fee is required in case of outside Tokyo, too.

Cancellation fee of 5,000yen is charged in case you cancel.

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